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        About Us > Company Profile

        Hunan Kerey Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a APIs and Intermediates manufacturer found in 2005 and located in Hunan China. The company has listed on stock market NEEQ in 2015. Successfully passed the inspection by US FDA In June 2017. A multifunction workshop was built in 2017 for CMO business. 
        Dedicating in plan-sterol as starting material to develop special APIs, Plant origin Cholesterol materials, and Plant origin Cholic acid materials.

        The company strictly following the ICH Q7 guidance. Approved ISO9001:2015 and GMP inspections and gained the certificates. The EHS system is applied in the company to reduce the environment pollution, provide a safe and health working environment. Training all staff on EHS knowledges and required all working activities are followed the EHS guidance. 

        Strong R&D capability, Strict quality control and superior service help us to build reputation among customers. At present our R&D is focusing not only on the commercial products, but also on many other products that are required by customers. We welcome Contract Research, Custom Synthesis, Custom Manufacturing.

        Look forward to the cooperation with you!



        CONTACT US
        Factory Add: Caixing Road, Economic Development Zone, Xinshao, Hunan, China
        Tel: 0086-739-3669978
        Fax: 0086-739-3188126
        E-mail: sales@kery-pharm.com
        URL: www.zzssykqw.com
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